Features / Functions / Benefits




Deepest Heel Cup Captures a large area of the Calcanus bone and its fat pad. Cradling the calcanus in a centered position is the first step to encouraging a neutral alignment. Provides best shock absorption by cupping the fat pad helping to protect heel area from injury
Heel Bubble Activates the molding process. Guards against heel spur injuries. Adds additional shock absorption to the natural system at heel strike. One of the most important components of the self-molding feature. Enhances the definition for a better fit and more comfort. Assists in relieving heel spur pain and discomfort.
  Activate the "Active Arch™" Helps keep the foot more centered and neutrally aligned for better biomechanical balance.
Honeycomb Heel Stabilizer The uniques stabilizer reinforces the heel cradling shape, self-molds itself to the inside of the shoe and to the plantar surface of the foot. The more custom the fit, the greater the comfort and support. By molding to the foot and the inside of the shoe, the ultimate in footbed fit is provided.
 "Active Arch™" Supports the lower ankle (subtalar) joint which is the second step to encouraging a neutral alignment. Lifts and protects the plantar ligaments, tendons, and muscles giving the foot strength and resilience.  The more custom the fit, the greater the comfort and support. By molding to the foot and the inside of the shoe, the ultimate in footbed fit is provided.
Balanced Device Assists in improving the arch stability and balance as the weight of the body passes from heel to toe through the stance phase of gait. Provides a semi-soft, comfortable but stable platform for the entire arch system of the foot.
 Forefoot Tear Drop™ Bolsters the natural shape of the transverse (metatarsal) arch, supporting the complex structures of the forefoot. Enhances the separations of the metatarsals and the function of the soft tissue. Reducing the impact from compression, tension-loadings and shock to the mid-foot area, softly supporting the mid foot. It further sets up the forefoot to articulate more naturally through the propulsive (toe-off) phase of gait.
  Promotes the spreading of the body weight properly across the forefoot (metatarsal heads) area. Stabilizes the muscle structure as contraction begins in preparation for the stress of the body weight. Helps to increase balance of stance from heel to toe and 1st through 5th toe
 Full Length Footbed Protexts forefoot and maintains footbed in proper placement within the shoe. The soft closed-cell foam protexts the forefoot and toes during impact. With use, the foam molds around the fat pads of the toes limiting fat pad displacement.
Top Skin The velvet alveolite foam is a closed-cell non-absorbent wicking material. It has exceptional qualities for underfoot use. The velvet foam insulates the foot from heatlcold and wicks the moisture away from the foot. It does not absorb odor, foot acids, and is hypoallergenic. Can be washed using a brush and soap and dried by wiping. Very durable and long lasting.