Insoles Designed to Improve Your Skiing and Snowboarding From DownUnders Footbeds

Do You Ski or Snowboard?

snowboarder.jpgThen you know all about Impact Trauma. High speed turns mixed with the force of gravity can wreak havoc on the lower extremities and especially the feet. "DownUnders Blue Orthotics" aligns the foot bones and joints while adding unprecedented balance, strength, and fit comfort.

The deep heel cup of this insole is truly amazing.  It molds for an exacting fit around the heel, centering the heel directly under the ankle perfectly supporting each foot in the critical phase of stance as you flex and edge your board or skis.

It's the patented design that makes the difference. DownUnders Orthotics adapts to customize to each individual foot shape; reducing individualized foot and boot fitting problems, improving performance, foot comfort, reducing foot/leg fatigue, and greatly improving the rider's balance. This is a sophisticated design product that provides superior under-foot support.


Testimonials from Skiers & Snowboarders

I have used the Walkabout DownUnder Footbeds for about five years. The durable material lasts forever, much longer than any sponge insert. I had a Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition from a pinched nerve in the foot that feels like you have a rock in your shoe. The DownUnder has the proper arch support and mid sole support to help relieve the pressure so the irritated nerve area can heal. Although improper support is not always the cause of neuroma, it is often a key source of the problem. I highly recommend the DownUnder insole that will work for most as well as any expensive custom-fitted orthotic.
– Michael

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Insoles Model: Blue - B01

Top Cover: Moisture wicking, temperature barrier
Core: Black P.E. Foam
Stabilizer: Honeycomb EVA
Inserts: Dual Density red/green
Profile: Medium
Sizes Available: Mens 3 - 16 and Womens 2 - 12


Product Review

Snowboard Guide Product Reviews

April 2002

Chris: Over the last couple of weeks I have worn these Walkabout (DownUnders) footbeds everyday. I've had them in my walking shoes, in my workout shoes, in my snowboard boots, and in my slippers (not really). I am amazed at their comfort. The foam footbed is self molding, within a few days of wearing them they begin to mold to your feet. The heal features a super deep cup to help support your ankle, and there is a tear-drop shaped bubble under the heel which absorbs shock. The DownUnders are pretty low-profile, so you won't feel like they are filling up your snowboard boots, but they still absorb shock and retain heat well. You will definitely feel the extra support and comfort whether you are standing around in lift lines or hiking up a backcountry ridge. Compared to a thin, flimsy, stock skate shoe footbed, there is no question about using these orthotics. They are much cheaper than your standard footbeds, and I think they are actually more comfortable. If you are looking for new footbeds you should definitely check out this wonderful new brand.

Inside Tracks, "Gear Of The Year: Our Picks Of Top Products for 2001"

In our opinion, no other product for fit, comfort and performance comes close.


Product Review

SNEWS May 1998


The insoles feature a deep heel pocket, full-length tear drop shape that encourages foot alignment, forefoot inserts that add stability, a honeycomb heel stabilizer, and shock absorbent Double Bubble.

One tester writes: "They proved a good thing for me to test since I have some foot problems and already wear corrective orthotics. I first used them in some cross country ski boots that have always been a little uncomfortable and fit poorly. The DownUnders improved the fit tremendously, and I actually enjoyed skiing in boots that frequently caused some foot pain on any tour over 5 miles. I think they really help my foot to relax and act naturally.

"Next I used them in a favorite but fast wearing out pair of running shoes. It was like the shoes were new again! I got a couple runs of 5.5 miles in and feel the insoles add a lot my comfort level.

"I also used them in my hiking/approach shoes at the Owens River Gorge. I found them to improve foot control when the trail was sketchy, and where I was carrying a heavy pack over terrain with bad consequences if I lost my footing. I've tried a number of different insoles and these are by far the most sophisticated. I did tow pitches of 5.9 in my approach shoes and found them to improve the fit so much that I could climb comfortably at that level.

"I'd give the DownUnders a 5 star rating, especially since I didn't need to trim them at all to fit any of my shoes."

Even our most cynical tester, who usually launches into a tirade on the problems with a product he's tried, had good things to say: "A few weeks ago I went for a run in a brand new pair of running shoes. After a mere 40 minutes, I had nickel sized blisters on both heels. After the blisters healed, I went on another run. Same shoes, same socks, but this time with DownUnders footbeds. That time I ran for just over an hour, and at the end – no blisters. It had to have been the footbeds that made the difference, because all the other variables were the same, even the trail."


Product Review

The Bulletin

Footbeds offer comfort, support
DownUnders come in a variety of styles

By Scott Staats
The Bulletin

I've learned at least one thing while out hunting or hiking – the ground is rarely soft or level.

I can handle the animals giving me a beating, but my feet aren't as forgiving. When your feet are comfortable, you can stay in the field longer and have a more enjoyable outing.

There are many kinds of footbeds and insoles available but most insoles are nothing more than squishy little sponges with a half-life of a wet paper bag. The stiffer footbeds make your feet conform to a pre-molded shape and create more pain.

DownUnders made by Walkabout International in Sunriver, are made with EVA and natural cork stabilizers. These light-weight, durable footbeds actually self-mold to your unique foot shape and also wick moisture away from your feet. They are available in men's sizes 3 to 16 and women's sizes 2 to 12 and can be trimmed to fit any shoe or boot.

There are six styles of DownUnders, depending on the type of activity or sensitivity of people's feet. An arch support custom aligns the foot's arch with every step while a deep help cup absorbs impact shock. The footbeds are made in Italy, which is renowned for making the best footwear in the world. DownUnders retail for about $43. They are available at Walkabout International

Or local outdoor or footwear retail stores.