Insoles Designed to Improve Your Soccer and Hockey From DownUnders Footbeds

When you play Soccer!

soccer.jpgGreat demands are placed upon your feet: running, frequent stops, quick changes in direction, sudden stops and unbalanced maneuvers, which apply intense pressures to the joints and ligaments of your feet and lower legs. DownUnders Insoles are exclusively designed to be dynamically functioning foot supports. They are designed to naturally work with your body, comfortably positioning the feet in their neutral balanced and most athletic position. With the deep heel pocket the heel/ankle is supported in its proper alignment for maximum shock absorption. The active arch™ adapts to mirror your unique arch height and shape, and the forefoot bubble supports the toes for increased balance. This sophisticated designed product provides superior under-foot support.


Insoles Model: Comfort - CO1

Top Cover: Moisture resistant
Core: P.E. Foam
Stabilizer: EVA
Inserts: None
Profile: Low
Sizes Available: Mens 3 - 16 and Womens 2 - 12


Product Review

The Bulletin

Footbeds offer comfort, support
DownUnders come in a variety of styles

By Scott Staats
The Bulletin

I've learned at least one thing while out hunting or hiking – the ground is rarely soft or level.

I can handle the animals giving me a beating, but my feet aren't as forgiving. When your feet are comfortable, you can stay in the field longer and have a more enjoyable outing.

There are many kinds of footbeds and insoles available but most insoles are nothing more than squishy little sponges with a half-life of a wet paper bag. The stiffer footbeds make your feet conform to a pre-molded shape and create more pain.

DownUnders made by Walkabout International in Sunriver, are made with EVA and natural cork stabilizers. These light-weight, durable footbeds actually self-mold to your unique foot shape and also wick moisture away from your feet. They are available in men's sizes 3 to 16 and women's sizes 2 to 12 and can be trimmed to fit any shoe or boot.

There are six styles of DownUnders, depending on the type of activity or sensitivity of people's feet. An arch support custom aligns the foot's arch with every step while a deep help cup absorbs impact shock. The footbeds are made in Italy, which is renowned for making the best footwear in the world. DownUnders retail for about $43. They are available at Walkabout International

Or local outdoor or footwear retail stores.